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Residential real estate in Kansas City is in high demand since it is one of the most livable cities in the United States.

As a homeowner, you may reap several benefits from constructing an accessory dwelling unit on your property. Our staff is here to assist you in assessing whether or not adding a second dwelling to your property would be a good idea, both in terms of increasing your home’s value and generating additional revenue.

Continue reading to find out how this construction can benefit your property.

What Are ADU?

An accessory dwelling unit, also known as an ADU, is a secondary, more compact living space located on the same property as the primary residence. This type of living space can give more room for you and other people. ADUs can take many forms, including finished basements, backyard sheds, and rooms above garages.

What Are The Benefits of ADUs?

The advantages of an ADUs include the following:

It offers family-friendly housing.

Many homeowners opt to construct ADUs for aging relatives who can no longer live alone; thus, the other names for these types of structures: are granny flats and in-law apartments. So far, an ADU is an attractive solution for keeping an elderly relative close by for care while allowing them some autonomy.

It serves as an accommodation for visitors.

Do relatives frequently visit your home? Do you regularly host overnight visitors?

Adding an ADU to your property is an excellent way to ensure visitors have a pleasant stay without burdening you. They can live there independently without bothering you or staying around them all the time. To make their stay more enjoyable, give them the key.

It increases the worth of your home.

The worth of your house or other property will rise per the extent you invest in its improvement. The same holds for constructing a secondary home on your land. ADUs, whether attached or detached, can boost property values. As a bonus, it increases the likelihood that potential buyers would show interest in purchasing your home. It is difficult to establish how much an ADU might contribute to the value of your house because there are few records on the issue; nonetheless, you can anticipate a sizeable increase!

It can serve as a potential source of passive income.

Every homeowner could use an extra stream of funds, and passive income is a great way to get one. In this case, ADUs are the optimal solution for securing this supply. Adding an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to your home allows you to rent it to either a single person starting out in their career or a young family.

Eco-Friendly Dwellings

Finally, accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are far more affordable than normal houses. They don’t necessitate as much room, time, or resources to construct. As a result, they are far more sustainable and cost-effective than standard houses. Additionally, ADUs have lower energy needs, making them favorable to the environment.

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