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Interior renovation is undoubtedly a unique way of displaying what you love as a homeowner. And there is no amount of words to quantify its importance, from creating more usable space to updating the style and feel of your home. However, it would be a mistake to pay little attention to exterior renovation in favor of inside upgrades.

This blog will discuss the benefit of exterior renovation and which exterior renovation projects increase your home resale value in Kansas City.

What Are The Benefits Of Exterior Renovation?

Aesthetic value: Renovating the exterior part of your property will give it an updated and modern appearance from an aesthetic standpoint. A few ways to give your house a brand new look include siding, window, and roof replacement.

Energy efficiency: The choice of energy-efficient materials in an external remodel can have a positive long-term financial impact. Investing in new siding, windows, and doors may help maintain your house at a comfortable temperature year-round and reduce energy costs.

Minimize repair costs: Older houses need extensive maintenance to maintain their attractive appearance. When you have a professional renovate the exterior part of your home, we can assist you in cutting down on the upkeep required. For example, installing rain guards on new gutters is one strategy for decreasing the frequency with which gutters need to be cleaned.

Safety and Security: New windows and doors are safer and less likely to be broken into than your old ones, so replacing them is a good investment in your family’s security and your home’s energy efficiency.

High Resale Value: There is a significant disparity in the return on investment (ROI) between interior and exterior renovation projects in Kansas City. For instance, new siding may recuperate up to 77% of installation expenses, substantially more than the ROI on many interior renovations.

Which Exterior Renovation Gives More Return-on-investment?

Not all external renovations bring in the same amount of investment. Besides getting new siding, some of the most common ways to increase your home’s resale value are to:

All new paint: The return on investment (ROI) for merely repainting a room is astonishingly high, coming in at 43%. Also, it is an added benefit of protecting your property from the weather while giving it a fresh new look is one more reason painting is such a great DIY project.

Outdoor Kitchen: While the initial cost of installing an outdoor kitchen may be high, the return on investment is substantial when it comes time to sell the house. There is an ROI of up to 55% for installing an outdoor kitchen, and they can help a property sell faster. Keep in mind that this is a significant task requiring an experienced contractor’s services.

Outdoor fire pit: An outdoor fire pit is a beautiful gathering area for friends and family on cool evenings. A homeowner may get back around 78% of their money if they put in a natural gas connection and create an upscale fire pit.

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